"stimulate and regrow your edges"
Rejuvenate and stimulate the damaged, unproductive hair follicles to grow hair again.
The very fine needles are used to break down old scar tissue and stimulate the skin cells to reproduce rapidly and form new tissue layers.
The 0.20 mm needles will not break the skin but increase blood circulation for hair growth.

*Sealed for your protection

Edge Roller

  • Use before bedtime every other day.
    Wipe edges clean with warm towel. 
    Gently roll Edge Roller back and forth, left and right for 2 mins.
    Achieve faster, better results when Hair Mogul ME Nutri Lock Lube is applied directly after. You may also use your favorite essential oil.
    Clean roller with hydrogen peroxide and hot water. 

    Do Not use on irritated skin, fungal skin or infected skin.
    Do Not share roller with others.
    Do Not roll too much over indicated time.
    Keep out of reach off children.

    See Results in 4 weeks